Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

A Summons from Raguel, Lord of Hell

Visiting the Dark Reliquary

Fireday, 8th Yearsend, 722

Almost three weeks later, while our team was sitting down to eat their self-made dinner, a large demon appears in the middle of the dining room, announcing that it was a messenger of Raguel, the Lord of Hell. It further explained that it was there to deliver an invitation to the Dark Reliquary, where the team would be allowed to enter and exit unmolested, as guests of the Lord Himself. The demon offered to teleport the team there now, or, to show up at their convenience within 3 days. The party refused, and the demon left the scrolled parchment invitation behind, signed by what appeared to be Raguel’s name, in blood.

Our team was understandably shocked, and, Sparrow, knowing what she knew of the city, remembered that the group responsible for fighting the Fallen were the Knights of the Pale, and our team immediately went straight to Bladechapel, to bring this information to that prestigious organization. Upon arriving, our team notified the attendants that they had information and a note from Raguel, and were ushered into the back meeting hall, where, a few minutes later, Dierna Hillerchaun and her Aides arrived. Dierna took the note, and realizing it was an authentic blood signature for Raguel, thanked the team, as this would be a key component for a ritual that should bind the Lord of Hell and rid the world of his presence. Our team then asked for assistance, to which Dierna replied that she was sorry, but that if the entire weight of the fallen were to come down, no force could stop them, and that they were dead either way (By going or by not going), but that their deaths would not be in vain, as they now had the key to stopping the Lord of Hell.

Crestfallen by this, our team decides to drink and eat as if they had only the 3 days left to live, and do so.

Kingsday, 11th Yearsend, 722

Upon the third day, an hour before nightfall, our team wanders into the Necropolis, where the Mourner’s Guild are filing out, and receive warnings from the city guards that the gates will be closed promptly at nightfall. They wander the pathways in this hilly cemetery, able to see the spires of the Dark Reliquary in the distance, as well as a Necromancer’s tower about halfway there. Close to that Necromancer’s Tower, they encounter two Knights of the Order of the Keepers of the Veil. And receive their sympathies regarding the Dark Reliquary, and some advice that if they do wind up leaving after nightfall, to make their way to the lake in the Northwestern portion of the Necropolis, to the Sanctuary of Andach, the Druid; “The only safe place here after nightfall.” For this useful tip, Sparrow hands over a few gold crowns, and some politics are discussed with the stipends from the Empire for funding the Knights of the Pale versus the Keepers of the Veil and the inherent wealth of the leaders behind both organizations.

And with that, The Seekers of the Legacy made their way up the winding path, across the last hillock and to the door of the Dark Reliquary, a mammoth, Gothic Building of darkened windows and spiky architecture. Seeing several human looking skeletons by the entrance, our team nervously swings the knocker on the fifteen foot tall, narrow double doors. A ten foot tall gaunt, skeletal creature dressed as a majordomo answered their knock, and slightly turns, announcing that The Guests of Raguel have arrived, and, to them, “Welcome, the Seekers of the Legacy to the Dark Reliquary.” And they followed it inside (Noticing a trapped, misshapen spirit that looked very similar to the Knight of the Pale that had gone into the Halls of Cordaris to provide the Knights of Cordaris with aid inside of the butler’s ribcage). Here, they walked down an entry hall where a social gathering was in progress. The eyes of vampires, incubi and succubi, other assorted demons and undead were hungrily turned on our group of mortals as they followed the butler down the hall.

Opening the final door, the butler announces, “Lord Raguel, the Seekers of the Legacy are here, as requested.” Hearing his reply back to send them in, our team steps into his throne room, where they see an angelic looking figure on a throne of bones and skulls. Dismissing a pair of Demon-Blooded human attendants, Raguel makes our group an offer, and informs them about the nature of the prison world of Praemal. Raguel had his demons slaughter the Knight of the Pale and his hirelings, as he needs to be able to communicate with the Legacy of Cordaris, not to have it locked away from him by the Knights of the Pale. And in return, he agrees to allow the group to access an artifact in his possession: Parnaith’s Mirrored Sphere, which will be of invaluable use to them with the way that their destiny seems to be unfolding. The two bargain as to how to handle the Legacy, and come to terms that they will place the Legacy in the Keeping of the Pale Tower, and Raguel is somehow Ok with that, claiming that his angelic, Divine nature is not evil, and thus, he would have access to that as well. So, it was agreed, and Raguel announced them to the Hall as Agents of the Dark Reliquary, and not to be touched.

(As an aside, our players were completely surprised that something as evil as Raguel could have access to all the items that their other characters in the original Ptolus campaign placed in the Pale Tower)

Leaving the Dark Reliquary by escort of the Butler, our players are threatened by a young looking, dark haired seductress who said in a loud whisper, “My husband can’t protect you from ME!” They laughed it off, and Sparrow as well as Elenoora snubbed their noses at her. They exit the Dark Reliquary, realize only about 30 minutes has passed, and quickly jog back to the gates that are still open, walking by the Day Keeper’s Chapel (Oddly, walking by while Oskana was providing the Service that night). Our team then returned to their home, and made plans to raid the Halls of Cordaris by another entrance (Delving by way of Dwarvenhearth then back up into Ghul’s Labryinth and breaking through into the Halls, all made possible by the Minotaur’s Natural Cunning in mazes such as these).



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