Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Back to Cordaris for the Legacy

The Halls of Cordaris, part 3

Waterday, 29th Moons, 722

Altaksus celebrated his birthday… An odd humanoid custom.

Airday, 12th Yearsend, 722

Our team has returned to the Halls of Cordaris after some harrowing encounters in the Dungeon, this time taking the traditional Delver’s entrance, walking by the Undercity Market and purchasing some last-minute supplies for excavation (Several Picks, a shovel, and other odds and ends that they didn’t think about). Walked through the Chamber of Longing (And remarked about how odd of a coincidence it is that there is a Chaos Cult with a Black Hand Symbol, and this giant, stone hand in the room, covered in notes), wandered a few days in the top layers of the Dungeon (Killing minor dungeon denizens, such as giant rats, centipedes, etc…).

Earthday, 14th Yearsend, 722

The most significant encounter here was with a pair of mutated Manticores that were severely weakened by their exposure to a pit of radiation (Altaksus and Nimeliel identified this radiation as a Pit of Insanity, and were very careful not to allow any spellcasting nearby, after what they had learned studying Arcane Magic).

Queensday, 16th Yearsend, 722

Another significant encounter was a few days after this, when they had broken into the cavernous areas of the Dungeon, and encountered a squad of Dwarves, Defending the boarders to their lost city of Dwarvenhearth. Sparrow stepped up to the front here and bargained with the dwarves to request an escort, convincing the wary Dwarves that Dwarvenhearth was not their target, but that an unexplored area of Ghul’s Labyrinth was their real goal. Twenty hours of marching later (And one sleep break) our group makes it to the location that Altaksus and the Dwarves agreed would take them to the spot they wished (The dwarves not being aware of the Halls of Cordaris). Sparrow gifted them some alcohol, and they wished each other good luck.

The final stretch of the journey to the Halls of Cordaris was truly within an unexplored (By the Delver’s Guild anyway) area of Ghul’s Labyrinth. Several hours of slow exploring, checking for traps every step, our group makes it a few hundred feet down the hall, and spot, what appears to be a Lab, with human sized creatures inside of canisters propped up against the wall. Some people on the team really wanted to investigate (Especially the weapons on the tables, which looked like they were being enchanted), and others were dead-set against it. Small arguments broke out here (As exhausted as everyone was, almost at 24 hours of constant activity), until they decided to investigate this after they were done with their Legacy Quest for Raguel. So, everyone swore not to reveal the secrets here, and to keep this claim theirs by way of secrecy.

Our team then follows the ghostly sounds of a marcher in boots to a pair of double doors that it sounded like it walked right through. The impressive double doors were locked and trapped such that Sparrow had to pick the locks on to open (And the traps were monstrous mechanisms set in the walls to quarter people that set it off by way of menacing, enchanted buzz saw blades). This turned out to be an enormous armory filled with medium and heavy armor sized for Orcs (And a few heavy suits for Minotaurs, which intrigued Altaksus, but he was not trained in the use of such heavy armor, but planned to soon be).

After browsing this room, the Seekers of Legacy left by the opposite door in this fifty foot by fifty foot chamber, and encountered another hall, this one with the skittering sounds of large rats. Another one hundred feet in, and our group encounters a brick wall bisecting the hallway, cutting it off. Altaksus swears this is the spot they need to be in, and both he and Elenoora lay in with picks on the wall, tearing it to pieces within a few minutes. Stepping inside, Nimeliel orients the group to her map, and they decide to turn back to camp for the day, as to start exploring the Halls of Cordaris fresh.

Kingsday, 18th Yearsend, 722

The next day, they hear the marching of boots coming down from the hall where they broke into Cordaris, and quickly step out of the chamber, to confront the people they heard. Upon opening the door, they found themselves amidst a horde of orc bodies, slain by the identical trap on this side of the chamber, and another group of orcs was the marching sound that they heard coming up the hall. These orcs cautiously approach the group, standing amidst the carnage of their kin, unscathed and obviously highly capable of slaughtering them in the same way. Begging passage from the Seekers of Legacy, our team flaunts their prowess and gathers what information they could from the tribal orcs. They only knew that they were quitting because this place was the home of a Demon Lord, and Demons had recently swept through here, killing man and orc alike. There were also orc kin here called Urlocks that promised them that their race would have a grand future if they could kill the demon spawn of Cordaris. Deciding that these “Future Orcs” were liars that would kill them all fruitlessly, they have been escaping whenever they could (Whenever the Urlocks were distracted), and these were the last of them. Satisfied that they were telling the truth, The Seekers of Legacy let the orcs go, deeper into the dark labyrinth of Ghul, and stepped into the Halls of Cordaris.

Our team then encountered a few reanimated orcs slain by demon fire (Or so they guessed), and George made short work of them with his ability to call down Divine Turning, destroying the lot of them with a few gestures and his presented Sun Holy symbol. Rounding another few corners, our team came upon a horrid Destrachan with two Lightning Mephits working together. Battle was engaged, spells were tossed, a damaged charging device (That the mephitis were using for Aelectricity to recharge themselves) was broken beyond repair in the room. The destrachan went down rather quicly by grievous wounds inflicted by Elenoora (Nice crit on that Greataxe Steph!). The most memorable scene in this battle was an accidental Fireball misfire by Nimeliel, hitting the door frame instead of launching into the room to blossom as it should (Bad fumble there Jordanna…). The Seekers of Legacy then agreed to be more careful, as they could be their own worst enemy (The firebally damaged everyone more than the destrachans and the mephitis ever did).

Resting a few minutes to regain their grace and skill, our team then pressed on. Moving a few rooms down, when some of them heard two Giants arguing and wishing they had “Man-Meat.” The Seekers then quickly concocted a plan to fight the Trolls (As identified by Elenoora). Sienna would go forth, spilling oil across the floor, Nimeliel would cast grease, more oil would be spilled, and Sparrow would fire a flaming arrow, causing the trolls to slip and fall, rolling in flame as they incinerated, unable to stand.

So, Sienna went forth, spilled oil, Sienna heard the trolls sniffing the air and walking to the door. She resolved to quietly continue spilling the oil, now ten feet away from the door, and was amazed as to how long and terrible their arms were. One troll shouted in happy surprise something Sienna could not understand but Elenoora could (“Thank the Hungry God, he has provided us with our utmost wish, Man-Meat is here!)… they reached forth, both grabbing her and rending her twain. Petrified by the sudden violence and raw power of the trolls, our team does nothing but hope that the trolls didn’t notice Sienna shout to light the oil now (Apparently the trolls didn’t understand Imperial). The only thing our group heard thereafter was the singing of troll songs, and the loud slurping and belching as they ate Sienna raw (Elenoora heard them discussing that this was a better hunting ground than the Midden Heaps).

The quietest amongst the group went forth an hour or so later, and grabbed a chunk of Sienna’s flesh, and our team (As quietly as they could), left Cordaris, to retreat back to the trapped armory in Ghul’s Labyrinth, to spend the night in contemplation, before going to sleep, our team discussed options on how to solve Sienna’s death, and came to the conclusion to Reincarnate her. Nimeliel uses her Dreaming Apocethary coin to special order two scrolls of Reincarnate (In case one of them is miscast, as this would be Altaksus reading the scroll with his skill at magical devices).

Airday, 19th Yearsday, 722

The next day, our team is depleted of most of their treasure, and there are two scrolls by Nimeliel’s pillow. They then begin the first scroll, and almost immediately notice the problem, nothing is happening with the chunk of Sienna’s flesh. An hour later, there is a bat flying around this chamber, that then settles on a piece of armor, and Nimeliel detects the lingering presence of magic on the animal. Surmising that they just reincarnated some rat or another small animal into this bat, they use the next scroll, and hope for the best. Within a few minutes, the flesh begins moving and growing, and the team then sits and watches what happens. Over the course of an hour, it grows, forming into a new human shape, and just when they believe it should continue growing, it stops and begins finalizing its body, becoming a nude female Halfling.

Tearing apart their sacks that so recently held treasure, the Seekers of Legacy sew crude clothing for the Halfling Sienna. Sienna thanks everyone for her life, and admits that she will do her best in her new shape, but as soon as she is able, she would like to be returned to her Prustan body. As, she is not at all accustomed to being the size of a toddler, and that she isn’t sure how effective she will be in her child body. They rest and adjust for the next day, now having spent 3 days here in this armory.

And that is where we ended the session (Actually, this journal counts for two sessions).



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