Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Fireday, 13th Newyear, 723

Almost four weeks later, our group is together (Minus George who has returned to the small Temple of Hannan) in the South Market, looking for exotic wines (Sparrow), oversized clothing (Altaksus), foods from Dorinthas (Nimeliel), not finding anything this time from the lands of the Eastern Hordes (Elenoora), and still trying to learn a new body (Sienna). When all of a sudden they see smoke and hear people shouting “Fire!” a few buildings over. They then see a half orc wreathed in flame fun towards a guardswoman for help, badly burning her.

Our group rush over to the situation and Nimeliel quickly casts a Dispel Magic on the man. As that was happening, some screams erupted a few hundred feet away, as our group notices someone dead on the ground. Running to the area, the group notices a man blast someone with blue magic energy from his eyes, as Sienna uses her monk skills to attempt to knock him out, she is assisted by someone who came out of the shadows in the stall and pistol whips the man into unconsciousness.

Further down the open market, a woman calls for help, as she begins floating skyward. Other people nearby throw her rope and she grabs on for her life. She begins crying for help and loudly praying to Lothian for divine help. Our group quickly regroups and confers about what might be happening, but no sooner do they ask the question than some more people further down scream for help as a monstrous creature comes into existence in the middle of the market (A hound made from shadow, which bays, sending everyone screaming and running for their lives! A horrible panic ensues, from which Nimelie, Altaksus, and Sparrow now watch a cloaked figure walking calmly further south). The figure with the gun takes aim at this shadow hound as Nimeliel casts another Dispel Magic and the beast flashes out of existence. Sparrow and Sienna make a run for this cloaked figure as Nimeliel spots a dwarf that seems to be reflexively casting what she identifies as summon monster spells.

But it was not to be, further south of Nimeliel, and elf falls to the ground, apparently going mad as he screams, closing his eyes, and begging for the visions to stop. Altaksus and this new figure run to the dwarf, as Nimeliel breaks for the screaming elven aristocrat and Sienna with Sparrow continue to run down the cloaked figure (The figure seems slight and has long white hair that is blowing in the light breeze, out from behind his hooded head).

Altaksus and this pistol armed fellow both begin by using their weapons in the most harmless way possible (Aiming to knock out the dwarf), and the dwarf pulls his axe to defend himself lethally. But between the two, they knock him out before he can be any threat. Nimeliel uses her last dispel magic (She was lucky she brought that scroll!), and the elven aristocrat thanks her for saving his life, and attempts to invite her to his dwelling in Emerald Hill, but she is too distracted by the general chaos, and runs off to help Sienna and Sparrow with this cloaked figure (Noticing that a squad of guardsmen are running towards them down the path of chaos).

Sienna and Elenoora both rush this cloaked figure, and engage it in martial combat (Hearing it whisper in elvish, Sparrow overheard, “Beware, for I am the Avatar of Chaos”), finding this being to be a skilled martial combatant, and a drow to boot! Sparrow then unleashes a new note that she has learned, and everyone in this melee fall to the ground in this fumble field. The guard approaches Sparrow at the same time that Sparrow does. Sparrow informs them that this drow is the cause for all of this chaos. And the entire guard squad, upon hearing the command from their officer (“Drow in the city, you know the punishment…”), they all open fire with their rifles and crossbows. The drow is dead before he can take another breath.

A remembering the cries of the woman stuck in the sky, our group hustles back over to that area of the market to see a man notice the situation, and cast a dispel magic of his own, after the people of the market drag her down by the rope she is holding.

The people of the market then spend the rest of the day, into the evening celebrating the group, this man with the pistol, and this new sorcerer (For he cast the spell without any components, and, according to Nimeliel, does not even remotely seem the studious type), as the “Official” Heroes of the South Market. The merchants and shop keeps each take turns purchasing drinks and food for the heroes, and one of the biggest pub crawls of the district occurs.

Late that evening, as the heroes sober up, and only the stoutest drinkers are keeping up with this party, Jevicca Norr stops by the pub they are in and asks about what happens (This indicates to the locals that the party is over, and they all quickly say their goodbyes to the heroes, allowing the Inverted Pyramid to take this situation over). Jevicca then hires the group (Inadvertently indicating the “dropout” –the man with the gun- and the sorcerer as a part of the group. But nobody objects) and they all agree they could use the work. She hires the group for 150 gp up front and another 700 gp payable after they find out “substantial” information regarding the opening and resealing of the Banewarrens.

About half an hour later, Brother Fabitor Thisk of Lothian approaches the group, noticing that they seem like a group of heroes, and hires them to locate Kalerecent, a missing Paladin of Lothian. He indicates that divinations cast by clerics of Lothian seem to indicate that Kalerecent was involved somehow with the chaotic incidents earlier that day, and since this group was the most involved with those incidents, that they would be the most suitable for this rescue mission. The church empowered Fabitor Thisk with offering a 2000 gp reward if they bring Kalerecent back alive, or 1000 gp if they return his body for raising (At St. Gustav’s).

The man with the gun was someone known as Jagerjaques and the sorcerer was a man named Silas Radom. They agree to work out terms of becoming part of the Seekers of Legacy at their home in Midtown, and they all return there to finalize this new adventuring group.

Queensday, 14th Newyear, 723

The next day they all join up with the Delver’s Guild, and adjust their group membership roster (While this is going on, Sienna and Sparrow are using their sneaky abilities and Sparrow’s urban tracking skill to pick up leads on Kalerecent, it takes them over 18 hours!).


Jagerjaque’s memoirs:
It was a great day for a walk in the square today. a cloudy day but not too hot or humid. For most a walk in the square is a daunting task that requires’s at least a buddy system, but for a gutter mage, it’s a breeze. On this day however, crap hit the fan. Smoke rises from off in the distance and I see this dude fire blue magic out of his eyes. This little halfling monk was holding his attaention so I worked around to give him the big K.O. Then more screams, “What is going on today?” I thought, then sprang towards the screams. Elves and dwarves, I tell you. If they could get over their differences that’d be great. Normally I don’t mind this stuff because it provides opportunities to grab some comuppins but I just wanted a nice quiet walk today so this dwarf attacking the unarmed elf is another to get the big K.O. This big ol’ minotaur was pretty handy too. Off in the distance I heard the sound of guard rifles and didn’t want to become their target next. Those guys tend to shoot first and ask questions lat… well never. So I retreated to the tavern where shop keeps were buying me drink after drink. Who was I to diagree with free liquor. The fun and games didn’t last long as this fine cougar comes in. She stank of inverted pyramid. She kinda lumped me in with this other group but I could use the exercise of a delve so I didn’t object not to mention I dug the minotaur,barbie, and monk. The bard and scorcerer were not too bad at games too. The elf was a little up tight but she had a good heart(that can be exploited later so better to nurture it now). So ya, I guess I’m now part of the Co. of the Horn. Delving equals cash so I’m all about it.

Chaos in the South Market

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