Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Queensday, The 28th of Newyear, 723

Our team continued down the hallway through the cliff under the Noble’s District and found that it did indeed seamlessly match up to the original tunnel from the Noble Mansion. They were able to locate the same bag of supplies that were left behind by the Minotaurs (Altaksus recognized the ground where he was slain). They then went into the tunnel of death and found strange red moss and fungus growing over the corpses of the Lamia and the two Minotaurs. Walking by those corpses, they also disturbed a nest of large centipedes (Still, only about a foot long), which ran up the cavern wall and didn’t bother our team (Who, in turn, didn’t bother them).

They then wandered into the strange chamber that this tunnel opened into, and not recognizing the area, began exploring it again. They slowly moved to the opened chamber to the left which was roughly octogonally shaped, and found a door that was slightly ajar. Jager used his wardsight on the door while Elenoora didn’t believe they were in the right place and started retracing her steps beyond the corpses. Sienna, Sparrow, and Nimeliel maintained their place in the tunnel, not wanting to disturb a new chamber so close to the Banewarrens, while Altaksus, Silas, and Hirok followed behind Jager to the new area. Once Jager called out to the team that he had found something of value, and was going to enter to explore it, both Sienna and Elenoora rushed over to be a part of that activity. They inadvertently left Nimeliel in the tunnel alone, and Sparrow watched over her to make sure she made it to the rest of the group safely.

The only sources of light that our team had were Jager’s Everburning Torch and Sparrow’s Cloak of Flame, so the shadows were dancing in these darkened chambers. As they went beyond the opened door, the team heard the footfalls of an armored individual. Instantly some hid, and others were set to receive this possible foe. After a harrowing several seconds, they hear a familiar voice call out to them to move away from the room, and ask if they knew about the relief that was to take his place (By now Nimeliel recognized the Half-Elf Paladin, Kalerecent).

The team then went over to the chamber that Kalerecent emerged from and recognized the metallic structure of the Warding Generator (By now both Nimeliel and Sparrow were skilled enough to piece together this unfinished device’s intended nature). Kalerecent was dismayed and saddened to learn of the death of the Cleric of Lothian, and requested that the team cover for a few hours while he went to go inform the Church and find some other replacements for the vigil. Our team reluctantly agreed to this request.

Nimeliel began casting the scroll of Legend Lore (It would take her 40 minutes to complete). During this time they discuss many things, explore the top floor of this chamber adjacent to the Sealed Door. They are able to do both things simultaneously as this chamber was deathly quiet, only the soft glow of the Sealed Door provided anything interesting for the group to investigate. They found the following corpses: 3 goblins on the catwalk adjacent to the warding generator opposite the Sealed Door (several spiders making nests in their bodies), four three foot long centipedes in various areas, and a puddle of what might have been an ooze. They also hung out in the chamber that Kalerecent was using as a supply store.

The Legend Lore results were as follows, “Beware the Chambers of Evil beyond, Sealed long ago by the Dread One whence Darkness spawned. His hand, removed, has become the key, and in the Vladaam’s Vaults can be found easily, or by wish can this door be opened temporarily. The secrets for the construction lie inside burned within the mind of the guide.” Sparrow remarked that they didn’t learn much from this, as she was able to piece this information together as well through her remembrances of bardic lore. Everyone pretty much agreed with this assessment, but were thankful for the confirmation that the key was in the city above, in the possession of the Vladaam Family. Sparrow then remembered hearing rumors of a Knight of the Chord that had a major grudge against the Vladaam Family. And they all waited eagerly for their replacements to show. And within two hours the Lothianites showed. The team suspiciously allowed the Lothianites to replace them, and returned to the city by way of the manor house.

That day Sparrow went to the Jodan Templehall in Oldtown (Known meeting place of the Knights of the Chord, she left a message for Nicalon to contact her regarding the Vladaams), Jager went to the Administration Building to look for maps to the Vladaam Estate (Bribing a senior official there for over 15 gp, he was successful in the estate map as well as the map of 1st floor and above for their Manor House), Sienna went to the Delver’s Guild Library to find sewer tunnel blueprints (And got lost in them, becoming paranoid that other delvers were looking over her shoulder and would figure out her plan. As this was also being used by adventuring wizards and other dangerous looking individuals), and Nimeliel went to Potions and Elixirs to purchase Elixirs of Sneaking (Purchasing 8 of the 10 they had in stock).

Kingsday, 30th of Newyear, 723

Nimeliel has finished gathering her supplies and starts crafting Boots of Elvenkind.

Airday, 31st of Newyear, 723

They receive a message via courier from Nicalon Regelis to meet with him that afternoon at The Gryphon in Midtown, and agree to do so with a reply sent back by the same courier. Both Sparrow and Elenoora head to the Gryphon at the appointed time, and find a dark skinned male in chainmail at a back table. He is wearing the symbol of a Knight of the Chord, and they approach. Nicalon smiles and asks for their names. They then begin their meeting in earnest. Sparrow recognizes the Gryphon as the place that they tracked an untrustworthy guard from the Grand Cathedral of Lothian and asks if the place is safe to discuss private matters at. Nicalon replies that he picked this place as it was the spot known in the city where law enforcement likes to drink, and assumed it was a very safe spot where matters could be discussed, but offered to go anywhere that Sparrow and Elenoora felt comfortable.

They then heard that Nicalon was a former employee of the Vladaam Noble Family until their misdeeds became apparent and, feeling that his honor was stained, he challenged the head of the family, Iristul Vladaam to a duel. Whereupon his family was captured and put to death (With Nicalon watching), and he was locked away in the family dungeon. Hearing that, they discussed their plans to break in to steal an artifact that looks like a hand, and Nicalon stated that he does believe that he knows exactly where they would keep such a thing. And when they confirm that it would be in the Vaults, Nicalon states that he could lead the group straight to the Vladaam’s Vault. Nicalon then states that this would not be for simple burglary, but to grab the artifact, and to make sure not to injure any of the staff (As they are for the most part innocents, coerced to work for that vile family). Sparrow and Elenoora excitedly agree as they really are taken by Nicalon, and Nicalon agrees to join them for this break in that night. They show him to their house, and Nicalon says that he will return in a few hours, that he needs to take care of some personal business.

We called the game at this point.


Jagerjaque’s Memoirs:

We finally found a way back into the caves we were at before in a manor house in old town. dead, staked vampires littered the floor. That made me want to buy a silver sword, let me tell you. As we found the room where kalerecent was he ditched us while we held the fort. We had to stick around anyhow for the legend lore spell to be completed. After the spell was done we got some info on where the key to get in might be. The Vladaam’s estate. Not my choice place to break into, but if anyone could get them in there it was me. but first I needed a map and a spell.
Discovering the Banewarrens Key

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