Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Green Dust

The Church Delvers are alive

Fireday, Wind 1st, year 723

The Company of the Horn after determining that Little Sparrow should be leader (Apparently she had the right mix of: moral compass, charisma, and knowledge), the group was led to bring the bodies back to The Grand Cathedral in the city above (Or below, they couldn’t be sure in these Banewarrens). Unfortunately for Sparrow, this didn’t come off without some more bickering amongst the group. The Company took the bodies out of their torture devices (Jager pulled the elf corpse out of the Iron Maiden, and Avach with Altaksus took the large human female off of the rack. As Sienna and Sparrow went to the cages, they discovered that the two bodies in there were still alive, barely breathing and still warm, but appeared to be near death.

They then went to the two Paladins broken on wheels, and found them both also alive (Well, Nim couldn’t tell, but Altaksus could sniff out their life). So that meant Kalrecent and Robilar were also both in that near death state. Hirock cast a cure spell into each of the living people, but it didn’t seem to have any effect, aside from knit wounds (Jager took the opportunity when everyone was excited that there were survivors to steal the coin pouch and a wand from the Elf’s corpse as he pulled it free from the spikes in the Iron Maiden). The Company of the Horn then quickly moved onto plans to leave the Banewarrens and get these Paladins to healing at the Grand Cathedral.

Jager dragged the gory, bloodied corpse of the Elf, Avach took the parts of Helgert Hume (The dead human female) into his bag of holding with a promise from the group that they would clean it out for him, Altaksus took Sir Robilar and Kalerecent, and was still able to manage a decent pace. Avach took the chubby young human male, and Sienna shouldered a youthful human female.

Their exit from the Banewarrens was uneventful, as everyone assumed that Navanna and the Pactlords were deeper in the dungeon than they managed to get. As the group exited the dungeon, they found four of the city watch working with a couple of craftsmen, installing a warning bell. They also found out from the supervisor here that public carriages were no longer allowed to come this far in, and that the cabs needed to be hailed at the intersection. So, they did so, the supervisor going with them and helping the Company to hail two cabs (The cabbies were nice and didn’t charge for the bodies).

Dropping the bodies off at the church was uneventful (Well, as uneventful as such a thing can be, a cleric of Lothian stepped out and noticed that they were paralyzed, and took them in to reverse that). The Company didn’t stick around, returned to their cabs, and had them bring them right back to the intersection so they could re-enter the Banewarrens.

The Company’s only deviation this time was that some in the group were curious as to what was behind the door on the right at thelanding to the Inner Vaults. They had passed it so often, but never looked behind it. So, this time they did so, and found a fountain with an acrid smelling substance at its bottom, a toppled statue of a winged lion, and the walls bore images of a four winged angel (But the wings had been crudely covered by splashes of red paint).

Sparrow entered and began searching the roof, usingher slippers of spider climbing, Jager and Nim both entered and began searching (Nim doing her quick elvish walkthrough for secret passages). As sparrow identified a secret portal in the ceiling, the acrid substance in the bottom of the fountain began shifting to Nim, who merely stated, “Of Course that would happen…” as she was engulfed by the ooze. A ferocious melee ensued with the mindless creature as it began digesting Nim as she struggled. Altaksus walked up and thrust his hands into the ooze, biting back pain, and pulled Nim out, placing her on his wide shoulder. He then walked through the beast, and out. Everyone demanded that the group close the door, but it seemed that Sparrow and Jager both believed they could finish this thing and continue exploring the secret passage in the ceiling (Especially after how injured it was, a blast from Silas’ Lightning Bolt, a few of his Magic Missles, some pf Sparrow’s Sonic Darts from her vantage on the ceiling, etc…). The group shut the door, rested a few moments to heal (And Nim accepted the Healing Blessings of Unnom, Lord of the Caverns, and the group continued on.

They returned to the spot where they found the Paladins (aka the Torture Chamber), and quickly searched it, finding some treasure in what seemed to be a sectioned off bedchamber in this room. They found a pot of coins and a few other minor items, before moving onto the door against the back wall of this room (The wall where the iron maidens are against). The Company didn’t want to walk down the hallway that flickered with a softly glowing energy. The door was locked, but not trapped.

Opening it, they found that it led thirty feet in to another door. This one was locked, but Jager made quick work of it, he opened the door, and peered in. He found an L shaped hallway, the short part leading ahead of him, the long part to his right. There was also a steel door on his left. On the floor here was a light coating of green dust, and a body on the floor to the far right next to the door at the end of the hall there, it was covered in the dust. He surmised that the dust was poison, and the others agreed. He then began searching for some way to disable the trap.

Altaksus tied a rope around Jager’s waist, and in Jager went. As he arrived at the door directly in front of him, he located an access panel concealed by stone and began removing it to get at some mechanisms that he noticed carried a signal that there was body heat in this hallway. At that moment the dust fell, he held his breath, and noticed the dust numbed his skin as it lightly landed on him. Altaksus noticed he was paralyzed, and pulled him out (Hirock cast a remove paralysis on Jager). The group agreed and Jager tried this a second time (After covering Jager with cloth, wrapping his face, and attempting to make him impregnable to the dust), with similar results, the dust was so fine, it found its way onto Jager’s skin, and he once again became paralyzed. Hirock then pulled out a scroll of remove paralysis, and Jager was back to normal (Aside from feeling a little sickly from the poison, he had taken Con damage that second time around).

The group then thought and discussed options on how to get past this trap. They believed that forward was the way to go, as evidence by the dead Vladaam Guardsman. Jager proposed heating the hallway somehow so body heat wouldn’t be an issue, and others leaned on magic as the solution. Hirock finally came to a solution, and proposed that he use his rock shaping spell to craft an awning from the stone wall that Jager could work under without fear of the dust falling on him. The others wanted to see this, so Hirock cast his spell, and lo, there was an awning that formed from the wall. Jager then walked forward, the dust fell, but none of it on Jager. He then disabled the trap and destroyed its mechanisms, so that it was no longer a problem.

With that we called the session.



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