Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Queensday, 14th Newyear, 723

Taking off from where we last left our group, Little Sparrow has tracked Kalerecent’s movements to an abandoned house in the Noble’s district. She rounds up the entire group, and they bluff their way past the soldiers at Dalengard, but receive an escort of one guard while they are in the Noble’s District. As they come upon the abandoned house, the team locates a group of children that inform the team that the house is haunted, and that it was haunted because of the adventurers living next door at Rosegate. Hearing this, the guardsman bravely volunteers to stay outside and make sure that no children go into the house while our group investigates.

The team then enters the fenced in yard, and slowly make their way around to the back of the house, finding a servant’s back door into a kitchen. Searching for traps and finding none, Jager sounds a clear for opening the door once he finishes picking the lock. The team slowly enters the house and finds remains of a human that has been butchered and roughly cooked. They then hear the sounds of walking several rooms away, of heavy boots on creaking wooden floorboards (And some rough whispering in Orcish, translated by those on the team that understand it as, “quiet, I hear intruders in the kitchen area.”

So, both sides were eavesdropping on each other and moving as stealthily as possible. When, they hear the Orcish language spoken again, “take the invisibility, there are many of them,” and the sounds of glass landing on the floor and heavy sounds of boots landing as if jumping from a great height. Then immediately thereafter, the sounds of running, front wooden doors slamming open, and iron-shod boots running on the cobblestones. The guardsman shouted that the ghosts were running outside and loudly shouted for the children to get behind him.

Our team then rushed to the front and sees nothing. They clearly heard the footfalls echoing into the distance, and decided to return and complete their investigation of the house. They stick together and searched upstairs, finding a rough camp on the upstairs gallery looking down on the foyer. Altaksus sniffed the camp and informed the group that it was an orc camp, with two distinct odors. And they found two small glass vials, written on in undercommon with one word: invisibility.

They then searched the rest of the house, and found nothing but empty bedrooms. They then took their search downstairs, and broke into groups. Sparrow and Silas found a tunnel in the back storage room that went down at a 45 degree angle into the earth. They walked down this tunnel, and found themselves in a small cavern, stinking of sewer. Altaksus tracked this scent to their left, and found a broken wall into the sewer, and a continuation of these tunnels, with a sign cautioning trespassers (Written in Imperial), that the Umber Hulk is a Paladin of Lothian, and not to attack.

Our team laughed this one off, and then decided to head back to where they started and continue down this tunnel, closer to the spire. They walk hundreds of feet and encounter an obvious Umber Hulk lair, with Elenoora identifying three different Umber Hulk tracks. Deciding to ignore this, they continue down the main tunnel, and end up into a roughly carved chamber, with stones scattered across the floor and a large sack containing mining equipment sized for an Ogre.

Investigating this area, our team hears the sound of Minotaurs charging and yelling for the milkling to die from a tunnel off to their right (Altaksus recognizing this insult by true minotaurs leveled against his Incabulum sub-race). Altaksus, as a minotaur, was never surprised, and launches himself blindly down the tunnel to lock horns with his foes.

The battle is engaged, several goblin slaves, two minotaurs, and a Lamia trained as a monk battle with our team. The goblins are quickly dispatched, Elenoora is stunned and drained of her low wisdom by the Lamia, and Altaksus is slain by the minotaurs. Elenoora is quickly charmed out of the fight, and the Lamia decides to attack the spellcasters, but is slain by them instead (Silas taunts the lamia here into attacking by saying enjoy the taste of my slaps, referring to his magic missles). Lamenting the death of their companion, our heroes nevertheless press onward toward finding Kalerecent. They pulled two strange bone rings off of the bodies of the fallen Minotaurs, as well as faint magic greatswords, one of which Elenoora started using.

Also in the bag of large mining equipment, our team found a note written in a very odd scrawi which read:


Once you get inside the unsealed portion of the Banewarrens, you will have to find a massive iron door. This is a warded door. It may be trapped, we do not know. It is, however, sealed beyond your capacity to breach. Therefore, you will use a wish from the ring to open it- and even that will keep it open for only a moment. On what lies beyond that door, our spells are silent, except that you will find the Grail within Tremoc Korin. The last wish will be your key to get out.


They come into a very strange area with disheveled floors, and the weight of years pressing down upon them from every stone. As dark as it was, the elf was able to see in the shadows of the torchlight, a monstrously sized machine in the chamber to their right, and was drawn to it. Stepping into this chamber she was able to surmise, after much investigation that it was likely unfinished and that it has something to do with warding the area.

Further searching this area, Elenoora found signs of a ferocious battle, and several goblin bodies here. Tracking blood drops, they went upstairs and found Kalerecent in a storage room, with the body of his fallen monk companion. Announcing themselves as agents of Lothian, they gain his trust (After he was not able to detect evil on them), and he informs them of the situation. He investigated claims of trouble from the abandoned house, and tracked evil creatures into this tunnel. Finding a Hag using a wish spell to open this door, he struck, running out into the mass of evil creatures and forced the door closed as his companion and mount held off the evil monsters. Both his mount and companion died in this endeavor, and he fought the remainders off. He fell back into this room to recover his strength, and decide what to do next.

The group talk him into leaving with them to report to Fabitor, and they are soon off, carrying the bodies of the human monk (The mount was not to be found), and Altaksus. They find it is close to evening, and the guard calls a carriage, so as not to display bodies in the streets of the Noble’s District. They were dropped off at St. Gustav’s at night, where Kalerecent asks them to return the next morning so they can receive their reward (St. Gustav’s having just closed for the night).

Theoday, 15th Newyear, 723

Our team does just that. And leave Altaksus’ corpse in his room. The next morning they arrive at St. Gustav’s and Fabitor requests that they join him for a meeting at the Grand Cathedral of Lothian in the Temple district. After having clarified that his was entirely optional, and having received their payment of 2,000 gp, they agree to follow Fabitor into a carriage that was waiting for them outside. This carriage was emblazoned with a Lothianite standard, and carried them quickly to their destination.

A strange meeting was waiting for them as Kalerecent gave his report. Several Lothaianites were in this room: Tobias Thad (A young human male with angular features, dark head of hair, and what seemed to be political aspirations within the church. Also, the most diplomatic priest), Brother Heth Neferul (A muscular, fit middle aged human male with a shaved head. The Priest of St. Thessina in Rivergate, who brought a Legend Lore scroll for the team to use to investigate the wards on the door for the church to gain clues to the magic used to keep such evil sealed up), Sister Daliana Varaun (A very elderly woman whom believed it would be best to simply collapse and seal the tunnel, and have nothing more to do with such an evil place), and Terestir Malacon (A co-student of Tasilicon of the Pale Tower, but more loyal to the Church of Lothian, wearing all-white and a mirror ankh as a necklace). During this meeting, our group is thanked for their successful mission, Kalerecent volunteers to return to his guard duties to make sure that nobody else gets in (Terestir hands Kalerecent a mirror token that can be used to summon aid from the Pale Tower), and our group is handed a Legend Lore spell from Brother Heth. They are dismissed with orders to rest and recover from their recent ordeal, and when they are ready, to then return and cast the spell on the door.

Our team leaves this meeting, and notices one of the door guards leaving her post early, and decide to follow her as she quickly makes her way across town into a tavern in midtown (A tavern favorite by guardsmen, called the Griffon). As they make their way across, this guardswoman, notices the group and shakes her head no as she enters the Griffon.

Our team enters regardless, and a strange confrontation takes place with each side trying to intimidate between the lines, unsuccessfully. The conclusion of which was the guards all walking up to the church guard, giving her name away of Griman, and with that, our team left.

Kingsday, 16th Newyear, 723

The next day our group sought out Jevicca Norr, and wait practically the entire day at the Ghostly Minstrel, holding a table well into the evening when such space became a valuable commodity. They then found Jevicca at a table with Steron Vsool and Sheva Callister. Jager walked up to her table, having purchased a round of drinks for the famous paladin and the fighter, and informs Jevicca that they have information to report. She excused herself that she needed to confer with her agents, and followed Jager over to the team’s table.

They then reported that they found the entrance to the Banewarrens, and at this point Sienna informed Jevicca that they rescued Kalerecent and successfully reported back to the Church of Lothian. Upon having heard this Jevicca asked the team who they were really working for, and the team then shot dirty glances at Sienna then clarified to Jevicca that they were working for both, as the missions were complementary. Jevicca then said to them to make sure it stays that way, and to be very careful when moonlighting for two employers, as in her experience, such things can become a hindrance as priorities have a way of eventually conflicting. She then informed them that she needs more information, who wants into the banewarrens, what are their chances of success, how could they get in, and anything more along those lines. She then offered them each 2,000 gp good at the Dreaming Apocethary, and offered them Dreaming Tokens for that. They agreed, and that night everyone placed their orders, deliverable in two weeks.

Airday, 17th Newyear, 723

Our team then decided the next day to return to the Halls of Cordaris to raid it for the gold needed to Raise Altaksus, as they could not imagine heading back into the Banewarrens without his strength and Giant Axe. That same day, Silas introduced our group to a machinist dwarven cleric that was out of work and looking for a team to join. Enter Hirok, Dwarven Cleric of Unnom, not much of an interview, because well, cleric.

We ended our session here. This is another post that encompasses events that lasted two sessions.


I like how we are almost caught up. for someone like me who writes down only the MOST important info. this provides a tool to jog my memory as to what has happened as well as names and organizations i migyt have missed

Kalerecent is Found

That is exactly what these posts are for. So we can stay on top of our gaming, while leading our busy lives.

Kalerecent is Found

Jagerjaque’s memoirs:

Once sparrow used her bardly powers of persuasion to get the info we needed we set out for the noble district. Man I hate the guards there. They’re so up tight. You can’t even bribe them properly. A group this size though, we can’t just sneak in so getting the escort was necessary. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the company’s help so sticking with them was the best option for now. We got to the house but something was fishy. we ended going around back and I picked the lock. These guys are not quiet at all. We did the best we could though. these orcs are nasty eating human flesh and just leaving it laying around. We eventually found a way in the basement to get to kalrescent. We came across this lamia with goblins and two minotaurs. the goblins were easy enough to take out but I think the sights were off on my gun because I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.The minotaur rushed in, though it was to his disadvantage he was taken out quick like. The barbie was strong in body but weak in will as she was dominated by the enemy. We did mage to get past this fight but not unscathed. Altaksus was lost this day. Though his death was not in vane as we found the paladin even if he was worse for the wear.
We trecked back to the cathedral were we saw many pious people. The only one I really like was the old lady as she just tells it to you straight (like old ladies tend to do). Jevicca was our next goal. we toald her about all that happened. You know she really is the bee’s knees. She gave us more stuff so we could complete what we needed to do down there. If I get the chance I think I try and nail her. I guess we need to , in the mean time, go down into this place they know there is treasure. They had me at treasure.

Kalerecent is Found

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