Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Monstrous Octopuses

Silas has died

Kingsday, 21st Birth, year 723 (Later that day).

Jager opened the double doors, revealing a ten foot wide hallway that gradually opened into a thirty foot wide room. Carefully walking over the broken floor, our group pairs off to enter the new area. Sienna almost collapsed the floor as Altaksus was one of the first ones in (She didn’t believe her weight would be the straw that broke the camel’s back—- but it almost was. Sparrow was able to grab Sienna’s pack, thus halting her progress onto the stressed trap floor).

Walking in, our group cautiously progresses, until Jager and Nim spot a faint magical glimmer in the air (For some reason, Altaksus could not see it, even when pointed out, he had to get much closer). Through Nim’s detect magic spell, they decide that the Evocation [Force] effect they pick up was a permanent Wall of Force. Not having any way around it, they turn back. Once again going over the broken pit very carefully, and allowing Altaksus go cross alone.

They do indeed find themselves in the chamber with the broken floor mosaic, and the stairs. With only one way left that they have not yet explored, our team then goes through the broken hallway that is severly slaned up at a forty-five degree angle. They come upon a slanted room twenty feet square, and, having quite a bit of experience with twenty foot square chambers, begin looking for a pit trap or something similar. Finding none of that, Jager carefully steps forward and begins freezing. He quickly returns to the group. From there, begins a quick discussion, as the group has determined that there must be another magical field over this chamber, and they needed to find out how far the affect stretched.

Our group decided to send Altaksus (Much to Altaksus’chargrin) with a rope tied around himself, and he began freezing as he ran across the room to a staircase. He felt ice collecting over his body, but was strong enough to easily break the planes as they formed. The some of others quickly followed, and nobody was caught by the ice either through strength, agility, or luck. Well, everyone aside from Silas, who was encased.

Altaksus then reached into the room, lifted his frozen body, and placed him in the stairwell. Hirock and Sparrow used small tools to chip away at the thick ice coating Silas, and he seemed aware inside of the block of ice. they were making some progress over the next few minutes, when Silas began turning blue and passed out. At this point, Nim called for everyone to back away as she planned to fireball the chamber. Everyone did so (Aside from Altaksus who wanted to be right there to do what he could when Silas came out of the ice), and Nim cast the spell. The ice immediatly melted, and Altaksus rolled with the worst of the flames. Silas fell out of the melted ice, dead.

Our group then had a discussion if they should raise Silas or not, pretty much everyone agreed to, depending if the team had enough gold available. Well, everone aside from Jager, who claimed he could not afford any help at all. Nim remembered that Silas had been showing off that he could save so much gold as a sorcerer intead of having to spend it all like a wizard would, and informed the group of this fact. Heartened, they decided to continue on, in case they found a good stash of treasure to help with this new expense (Altaksus was one of the first to heartily agree to raise Silas, as he felt guilty for Elenoora’s death, and knew that Silas spent a full portion of his treasure to help raise Altaksus).

They continued up these stairs and found the topmost ten foot square room with a hall continuing from the south wall to a set of stairs leading down. They then faced a twenty foot deep room thirty feet across with a fresco of two tall winged humanoids wielding flaming swords flanking a door in the middle of the art. There were also three small humanoids of bronze that stood up and looked at Jager as he looked into the room. With some experimentation, the bronze figures seemed to do noting but stand at attention, look at whomever was closest, and then rest back unmoving on their haunches when nobody was around.

Finding the humanoids uninteresting, the group then focused on the door. They found it steel and locked, and worked on opening it. After a couple of attempts, they managed to open this door, and found a strange chamber beyond.

This chamber was oddly shaped, had blue tiles covering the floor and walls up to a level just below the bottom of the door. The floor was three feet below them. Here and there, at the top of the level of the tiles, was a rectangular green grate covering a hole about ten inches wide and six inches wide. In the middle of the room were two tall columns of glass stretching from floor to ceiling, filled with water (And each having what appeared to be a monstrously huge octopus, looking at them) and between them, hanging down from the ceiling to a point about six feet from the floor, was a steel cylinder with a heavy steel cap on the bottom and a wheel valve in the middle.

They investigated this chamber and found the octopuses to be alive, moving, breathing, and watching the light sources. Sparrow sung a chord with one of the octopuses as a target and received a disjointed story about the fiendish beast (It was a man-eater!) targeting a fisherman and his family before they called for help from Danar. They then carefully searched the walls in this room, taking a long time, as they felt it trapped. Altaksus smelled s faint odor of salt water from the central metal colum (At the hinge to be specific). And Nim, as she was guided around the chamber, found a secret door in the southeast wall. They entered this new hall (As they did so, both octopuses swam up their tubes, and small fish swam down), and it exited into the chamber beyond, finding themselves in the room with the force wall, on the other side.

They then took this opportunity to search the remainder of this room, and spotted what seemed to be an immense plug on the south wall (So perfectly formed, that, at first glance it looked like the wall). Having nowhere else to go, our group retraced their steps, to go home and raise Silas. Walking up the stairs beyone the three small bronze humanoids, Nim spots a secret door in the north wall of the topmost landing on these stairs.

At this point the group decided to raise Silas and return to town to do so. Silas freezes into a block of ice, and they hire a carriage to take them to the Temple of Gaen (Sparrow, Nimeliel return to their rented home to gather the coin to pay for the raising). They receive word from the temple that Silas will return, and at that, go home (This took about one hour).

The arcanists in the group took this time to scribe scrolls (Nimeliel) and purchase new ones (Jager), or just to refresh themselves on how spellbooks work and such (Altaksus). In fact, it looked as if Altaksus had been building his own spellbook in secret, as he was such a rank ameture that he could not cast any spells, despite having been taught at the foot of a legendary Giant Necromancer Nimro Aylith (A Fearsome Frost Giant of some Ill Repute).

Earthday, 23rd of Birth, year 723

This took the team two days to finish and they return early in the morning, having returned to the canted corridor, and they luckily all rush through the cold room. Only having had one member frozen solid. But by now, they had become such experts at defrosting someone (Throw an oil and an alchemist’s fire, repeat as neccessary), that this had become an annoyance instead of lethal.

Jager and Sparrow then both investigate this secret door above the stairs at the top landing to locate the opening mechanism and also to search it for traps. They notice a mechanism on the door hinges to force it closed, beyond this opened door they found a small twenty foot hallway, ten feet wide with doors on either end. Altaksus decided to hold this door open as the others went into the room (He smelled a faint odor of burnt herbs and didn’t trust the mechanism the others found in the door hinges). Jager and Sparrow investigated the western door and found it locked as well as trapped. They bypassed this trap and unlocked the door, finding a large storage room, thirty feet by thirty feet.

This chamber was filled with stacks of cut stone, steel reinformcements and girders, and a variety of stone and metalworking tools. Altaksus and Sienna went into this chamber (Nim spotted parts for a warding generator and was very interested in looking through them) to search it. As they were in this room, a spirit launched at them from the chamber, attacking everyone in the small hallway.

As this happened, Sienna tumbled through the fight to flank with Altaksus through the doorway. Jager desparately held onto the door to keep it from slamming closed, holding his arm through the combat. The spirit swiped at the adventurers, and when its’ blows landed, they felt their very essence drained. Hirock noticed at this point that they were facing a spectre, a sort of incorporeal spirit that had a soul-drain as strong as that of a vampire.

The spirit punished Jager by swiping at his arm and draining two levels from him, so he pulled his arm back, as he did so, the door slammed closed. Once the door closed, vents in the ceiling started spewing a poison gas, hitting Sparrow and Nimeliel the hardest. And they had an angry spirit in the small hallway with them. Nim then used a Dimension Door and teleported herself as well as Sparrow and Sienna out (Leaving Hirock and Jager behind).

Altaksus, knowing that Hirock was in the hall with a level draining undead spectre, charged, horns first into the door, and broke it down. They then continued the fight with the undead. By the end of it, several members of the team were drained, and Jager was left at level one. At this, our team decided to head straight home, but there was one door left in the hallway…

Torn between the prospect of going home, or investigating this last door, our group decided to look into this last door. They found the same destroyed trap, and nothing more. So, they unlocked the door, and peered into a small twenty foot by twenty foot room, this one filled with iron drum barrels, most of which had toppled. They also found a lithe humanoid figure made of a brass metal, corroded with a mangled left leg. It raised its head at the group, with an eye socket missing its eye, and asked for help locating its eye.

Sienna found the gem (A rather large diamond), and handed it over to the construct. The creature put it in the socket and thanked them, still unable to stand up. Altaksus assisted the creature to stand, and it hobbled over with him, leaning on him to walk, the creature all the while thanking them and saying, “I must attend to the locks, and clean all of the mechanisms. Why, I’m sure the iron plates in the Plug Control Room are a terrible mess.”

We called the session here.


jager’s memoirs- We went into the next room they don’t make floors like they used t… wait they make better floors than they used to, naturally. I don’t really know where I was trying to go with that any hoot, that floor was rickety. Horn head couldn’t even go across, by himself, without almost collapsing it. Who said minotaurs were light on their feet? We came to the one room with a wall of force. It was pretty plain to see for but bully couldn’t see it. By the way I’ve realized smart for a minotaur still means he’s a minotaur. That guy couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I think that’s enough bull bashing though I’m starting to feel bad. eventually we didn’t know what to do so we went the only way we had left to go. Back and through one last corridor. Just when you think there are no traps, BAM!!! I even searched to. more rookie mistakes. I’m better than this I thought to myself as I shook off the ice. I tell you what, with all the Bull bashing I did earlier, Here is where Altauksas shined. He charged through the Ice square like nobody’s business.tbc

Monstrous Octopuses

We thought, well that didn’t go to far so we attempted it hoping the mechanism or ward was on the other side. well it wasn’t much to my dismay. we also lost silas to the trap. I voted he’d be safe inside the trap for when e come back but nobody thought that was a good idea. while they continued to discuss I went on to search the next room. eventually we found a room with three tubes 2 that went all the way from floor to ceiling. then the other with a valve wheel and just short of the ceiling. I wanted to turn the wheel but I let the group, again, talk me out of it. We collected silas and left. took silas to some church and broke silas and the group to pauper status trying to get him raised I was already broke so I couldn’t help. I still hadn’t been payed back from raising altauksas.after we supplied ourselves with a few scrolls and potions we went back in waiting for silas to return. I really wish I could’ve helped my friend but I was strapped. he’s coming back though and that’s the important part. anyhoo, we got past that ice trap again and checked out a secret door. it led to a mechanism room with three doors including the one we walked through to get in. all the doors had hydraulics to push the doors shut. We found a storage room thought it was safe after I disabled the trap. stepped in and much to my surprise a ghostly hand takes a swipe. Good thing I’m quick and it didn’t touch me. al rushed in with the Halfling. I backed up to hold the door open. That thing had a hankerin’ for me cause it continued to come at me and grabbed my arm. I could feel my life literally ebbing away. I let go of the door and when it shut gas entered the room. Al showed how bull headed he was ( now that’s funny, bull headed) and charged the door and busted it. that spectre continued to attack me and dropped to an inch of my ever loving life. we did kill it though. we decided that before we’d leave, we’d check out this last door. low and behold the caretaker of the entire place, gastro-intestinus!

Monstrous Octopuses

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