Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

The Game is Afoot

Queensday, 25th Birth, year 723

Having awoken from a deep sleep our group starts their day, Jager headed off to Myraeth’s Oddities to see what he could procure for his Deck of Illusions, while Sparrow went out with Sienna to see what she could find out about Nicalon Regelis. The others, Hirock, Altaksus, and Nimeliel stayed at home to prepare spells and scribe scrolls (Altaksus just stayed behind to guard over the spellcasters, as their home is yet to be protected against anything).

Jager finds that (After waiting in line), Myraeth is willing to purchase his Deck of Illusions, when off the cuff, Jager requested a trade for Goggles of Night. Having checked his inventory book in the back, Myraeth informed Jager that he did have one in stock, but that the Deck of Illusions would not be enough. So Jager was referred to Rastor’s Weapons, and sold Rastor his Silver Longsword as well as four smokebombs. Returning to Myraeth’s Oddities, Jager sells his ten Lock and Load Scrolls, as well as assorted other scrolls and items. With that, he receives the Goggles of Night, as well as two hundred crowns in change.

Sienna and Sparrow have an uneventful first hour, as Nicalon hasn’t been seen in this city for close to one month. The persons that Sparrow spoke with indicated that Nicalon was likely abroad on another one of his missions. Grumbling about the waste of time, Sparrow returns home with Sienna, where they found Jager busily scribing a scroll from his book (As he had just sold so many). So, with Altaksus present, Sparrow went ahead and focused on Nicalon Regelis and hummed a chord of Recall Tale, trying to find a story regarding what happened to Nicalon after he Dimension Doored away with the Banewarrens Key.

And, an interesting story they did get. One where Nicalon came out of invisibility when he returned to the Noble’s Quarter, snuck around for a bit before returning to the Vladaam estate, and then, when at home, began removing his disguise, and turned out to be Navanna Vladaam! Navanna then spoke with her brother Alister about a perfectly executed plan, and how nobody will know that the Vladaam have the key to the Banewarrens.

Surprised at the success of her Recall Tale chord, Sparrow conferred with Sienna and Altaksus about what other focus she could use. They decided to focus a tale on where Navanna Vladaam would be now. And another interesting story they did receive. One where Alister wakes Navanna Vladaam up from sleep late at night, stating that his divinations have shown him that someone has managed to get by the Plug blocking access to the deeper parts of the Banewarrens. And with that, Navanna sprang into action shouting at her staff to get a quick meal ready, to fetch her guard lieutenants, and have her exploring equipment ready for her. And Alister, sharing a passionate kiss with Navanna for her decisiveness turned him on, wished her luck in the Banewarrens. And, not to worry, he would protect her with his most powerful of spells…
Shocked and alarmed by the information they have just received, Sparrow also felt the need to spring into action (Perhaps Navanna’s decisiveness is contagious?). She went to the others that were scribing, and in turn was rebuffed (they all really felt the need to finish their work on their spell scrolls). So, filled with pent up energy, Sparrow had to sit and wait.

But wait she could not, she took Sienna and Altaksus with her to meet with the Church of Lothian. They met with Sister Daliana, Tobias Thad, Kalerecent, and Terestir Malacon. They informed them of the story that Sparrow received regarding Navanna Vladaam, and that the Vladaams were in the Banewarrens now. Daliana confirmed that they had also received a Divination regarding the Vladaam being involved heavily in this somehow. Tobias Thad then asked the group for a rundown on any others that are interested in getting into the Banewarrens. Our group informed them of the Pactlords of the Quaan again, and also related the story of the Chaos Cultists. Kalerecent remarked that this is likely why they have been getting unusual stories of attacks within the city now. Daliana then sent an acolyte of hers to divine regarding the Pactlords and the Banewarrens. As the meeting continued, our group was informed to kill any chaos cultists they found anywhere, inside or outside of the Banewarrens. The Company of the Horn informed the church that they felt the Vladaam to be a larger threat than the Pactlords, because the Vladaam have the Banewarrens Key. Our group also informed the Church about the Sealing Rod being somewhere inside the Banewarrens, and that is the only way to close a Sealed Door that has been opened. The church then agreed that it was urgent that the Company of the Horn return to the Banewarrens to try to get the key from Navanna. Daliana then offered them a line of Spellcasting Credit with the Church of Lothian good for 20,000 crowns worth of casting.

Nimeliel wondered at where Brother Heth was at when Sienna related to her the meeting they had at the Grand Cathedral, and was reminded by Sienna that Heth runs the Chapel of St. Thessina out at Rivergate, much like Brother Fabitor runs the Chapel of St. Gustav out by Delver’s Square. For Nimeliel wanted to know what the man that handed her the Legend Lore scroll had to say. Tobias Thad informed Sienna that the information they receive from these meetings is always shared with both Fabitor and Heth. Much like news about the undead is shared with Sister Arsagra Callinthan of the Daykeeper’s Chapel in Midtown, next to the Necropolis (Likely also because they know of the working relationship between Sister Oskana and Sister Callinthan).

Six hours later, after Geristranomos had finished polishing their flatware and had just finished fixing the piping in the bathroom (Still no hot water), the others came down. Once they all fully grasped the magnitude of the story, they agreed to return to the Banewarrens that night. Even though the spellcasters were down the spells they had just scrolled. On their way to the Banewarrens, they stopped by the Ghostly Minstrel to speak with Jevicca.

This meeting was quick and hurried. They informed Jevicca that Sparrow was able to divine that Navanna Vladaam is in posession of the Banewarrens Key and that she is now in the Banewarrens. Jevicca then informed the group that she knows that they are working with the Lothianite Church as well, and that she had heard that the Lothianites are planning to send their own delvers in to the Banewarrens, so she believes that they must not trust the Company of the Horn too much. To this Jager replied that this was just a use/use relationship, where the Company of the Horn was just using the Lothianites for thier divine casting services. And, Sparrow backpedaled (Feeling that it reflected poorly on the Company of the Horn to just be in the business of using an organization such as the Church of Lothian), informing Jevicca that whereas Jager might use people and groups, the Company of the Horn does not, and that both the Inverted Pyramid and the Church of Lothian are working towards a bigger picture, and that the Company of the Horn is also working for that larger picture. And Jevicca agreed that there is a much larger picture involved here.

At the conclusion of their meeting with Jevicca, they informed her that they were leaving to the Banewarrens at that instant, what with all the other organizations active there now. But they thought it wise to share the spellsong divinations with her. In the chance that they would all perish, where the group noticed that she seemed uncharacteristically sad at that thought. To which she replied, “That would be unfortunate, but remember that the Inverted Pyramid will repay your work greatly once this foray has concluded.” She then ended the meeting on a less than serious note (But serious to Sparrow), as she asked about these spellsong divinations, knowing, as she does that the Vladaams are warded against such things. Altaksus informed Jevicca that he has noticed that spellsongs are an odd branch of magic that seems to have exploited some vulnerabilities inherent to traditional spellcasting. And, Sparrow elbowed him and reaffirmed that the group must be off now, so they waved their goodbyes and headed out to Delver’s Square.

So, leaving the Ghostly Minstrel, they hailed a cab, and took it to the old Manor house in Oldtown (The cabby was nice and charged Altaksus two silvers to sit in the luggage hold on the back. Sparrow paid). They returned to the manor house and found it strangely similar to how they had left it the last time (When they chased the cultists out). Returning through the Umber Hulk carved passage, they made their way to the Unsealed Area of the Banewarrens.

They make their right turn; go past the unfinished warding generator, and through the opened Sealed Door. Urgently they felt the need to check on the plug, and made their way past the “Cold Room.” They informed Geristranomos that there was a broken door (When they opened the secret door they pointed it out to him, he seemed very shocked that the door is broken off of the hinges, and goes to work using supplies from the storage room. Happily, our group closed the secret door and left him at his task. Jager was especially relieved). They continued down the stairs, they pass the three constructs that stand at attention, and entered the chamber with the octopuses in their glass tubes. Those octopuses turned to watch the person with the light source (Sparrow and her flaming cloak). Sienna then led the team to the secret door, and entered the room with the plug. Here they found several broken tools, scratches on the plug, and Altaksus scented Orcs.

They all assumed then that orcs meant the Pactlords of the Quaan were also present somewhere in the Banewarrens. Nimeliel and Jager both turned to look at the Wall of Force and found it was no longer there (Altaksus still joked that it was never there to begin with). At that point, they returned to the Plug Control Room, whereupon Nimeliel opened the door and cast a recent Occupant at the column with the four switches (They also noted that the stairs were in the southeastern position). The result of the Recent Occupant was Gurt Harnon, race: Human Werewolf, approximately six hours ago. The team also noted the two doors at the far end were open (Only Nimeliel, Altaksus, Jager, and Hirock could see. Nim with her Low-Light vision, the others with their Darkvision). Nim went forward stood near the column and cast a recent occupant at the rightmost open door. The result of that Recent Occupant was Kikanulie, race: Hag, approximately six hours ago.

Discussing what this meant, our group went about unplugging the plug from stopping the rest of the Banewarrens. Once the plug combination was solved again, a large vibration and grinding sound rumbled through the dungeon (As it did the other times the group lowered and raised the plug. That is one heavy duty plug!).

Our group continued to discuss the fact that both Navanna and the Pactlords were in the Banewarrens (Sparrow was particularly incensed that Navanna was around, and besmirching Nicalon’s name, in fact, “he might still be in that dungeon, and we all walked right by because Navanna was guiding us!”), when, after a few minutes, they picked up sounds of creatures walking and talking.

Altaksus recognized the language of Undercommon (A language that monstrous creatures living in the Dragonsbirth Mountains would speak), and strained to listen to what they were discussing. They all felt a mental communication from Thurnion the Mind Flayer about the fact that the controls must be deeper inside the Banewarrens, and someone deep inside must have accidentally triggered the release. They also recognized the voices of Kikanulie and the deep bass voice of the Ogre Mage. One creature in undercommon growled out that it could smell humans and the minotaur, but was rebuffed by Thurnion to stay focused on their goal, “That minotaur group is no threat, they are nothing but snacks if we find them.” They also heard feathered wings, and several Orcish grunts. Feeling outmatched, our group decided that stealth was the better part of valor here and waited a few minutes after they could no longer hear the Pactlords.

They then discussed several methods to follow behind the Pactlords (One of which was we would all be in darkness, and lead those who are blind. But Hirock remembered from his experience that those that cannot see have a very difficult time staying quiet as they bump into each other and into walls, they also can’t measure their steps as accurately), deciding on keeping the Flaming Cloak lit, and walking so that there was as little noise as possible.

With that, our group left the Plug Control Room and walked to the deeper Banewarrens.

We called the session here.


Wow things are so clear now! That horrid Nevanna!!! You know we all felt a little weird that Nicalon picked The Griffon Inn to conduct our meeting! Argh! I guess now we know for whom that guard at the Cathedral is snooping.
Can’t wait for next session! awesome game

The Game is Afoot
Having learned my lesson from the wind room, I went to trade my deck of illusions for a pair of goggles of night. I couldn’t trade straight across but I did manage to sell off some frivolous stuff to get them. Now I can see without torch light and be sneaky woot!!! After the spellsong divination I have a greater respect for bards. They aren’t just panzy rogue sorcerer wannabees. they can tap a different type of magic that isn’t well protected against. As much as I don’t like the church we headed there first. At least we got to see daliana. If there was any worthwhile person there, it would be her. I love that old gal! Don’t mistake that exclamation, she’s still a lothianite, but I respect her take on things. Anyway she enlisted us as agents of the church. A title everyone seemed to hold with honor. I just wanted the 20k in casting and the freedom to travel anywhere. I’m still working for the pyramid.

when we had our meeting with jevicca, she seemed she couldn’t trust us. I put that to rest and let her know the church is a means to an end for the pyramid. Sparrow, ugh!. She immediately tries to get her back to untrustworthy again. For a bard she has no diplomacy skills. She even put me down in the process. What she doesn’t realize is that the church USES us, the pyramid USES us, and we USE them. It’s all a use – use relationship. They use us as inturments to save the world and we use them to supply us and get us where we need to go. she and the group seemed to be blinded by their virtue. Ah to be innocent. they are oblivious.
As we got back into the warrens (bane that is, not the crappy place in the city), and back into the control room for the plug we heard some noise from another group inside and near. the pact lords were here and searching to get through. I thought lets dust em but I didn’t say waiting to see what the group would do. we decided to go behind them quietly. but how?

The Game is Afoot

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