Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

The Temple of the Ebon Hand

Killing Cultists

Theoday, 19th Moons, 722

The day after returning from the Haunted House adventure, George reluctantly brought some work to the rest of the team. It seems that the Captain of the Watch House in the Temple District was working with the Church of Lothian to investigate a very suspicious temple in town. Once Sparrow and Altaksus heard about this, they decided to agree to the investigation (George seemed particularly offended, that a bad religion could be hiding in plain sight like they might be). Terms were agreed upon, and the team decided to send in George and Sparrow to pose as interested parties (As the Temple of the Ebon Hand was actively proselyting in the streets near their church).

Kingsday, 20th Moons, 722

The next day, Sparrow and George pose as interested parties, and are walked into the temple by proselytizers (Everyone that is a part of the church wears black gloves). They sit through a sermon on the purity of change and acceptance, and are invited to return in a few days. George and Sparrow do this for a week, and then are introduced to someone who wants to induct them into the church proper (This person’s right hand glove seems to be missing a few fingers, as the glove’s fingers hang limp).

They are then walked into a back office, where a concealed trapdoor in the floor is lifted, and they are walked underground into a converted dungeon area, they are introduced to others of the Ebon Hand faith, and speak with a High Priest of the church (Someone with scales on his face). This person tells them that they have recently been receiving quite a few people into their faith, and they also have luckily converted a few Minotaurs to their religion (Something about Minotaurs causes them to take to the faith immediately). They are then led to a room behind two locked doors, where they will commune with the God of their Faith, and come out converted. As the high priest of the church opens the last door, a corpse falls out, and the priest nonchalantly said that this person had impure intentions to the religion and the god deemed them unfit. But, not to worry, that they will make it just fine, he could tell by how sincere they were.

They step inside, and are lost inside of a misty, directionless extra dimensional place where they feel menace all around. George prays to Hannan, and immediately a ray of sunlight appears and points out the concealed door. George, holding hands with Sparrow, walks straight to the door and opens it. This as just before the priest could close the second door, and he said to them that he knew they would be protégés of the faith. They had the Ok to bring anyone else they knew that would be suited for the church, and soon the teachings would commence on the deeper secrets of their religion.

Airday, 21st Moons, 722

So, the next day, George and Sparrow bring the rest of the Seekers of Legacy to the church. They are all led underground, and the high priest of the faith is overjoyed to see that they knew and brought a Minotaur. A most auspicious event, as he put it, the Minotaur would instantly convert and bring great power to the faith.

So, they all walk over to the chamber just before the god-test room, which happens to be the armory, when George nods to Altaksus to begin the slaughter, and Altaksus slightly nods no, that it was not the time. And, soon, the time was lost. Altaksus, Elenoora, and Sienna are walked into the god-test room, the doors close, and the feeling of menace erupts all around them. They all hold hands, and bear witness to the large Altaksus instantly converting and falling into blind-insane rage as his arm shrivels and turns into an undead limb rimed with unholy cold. Sienna and Elenoora let him go into the maze alone, as he attempts to kill his former two companions. Once they release him, he steps out of the maze. And the high priest tells George and Sparrow to look at the work that the god of the Black Hand can do to the Minotaur race (Their hearts sink greatly to see the mindless rage, and physical deformity expressed on their former companion). The high priest issues a magical command to Altaksus, and the is led off to the Minotaur holding chambers.

A few minutes later, Elenoora and Sienna (Sienna burned a Hero point as they were hopelessly lost in the maze and were dying) fall out of the maze, almost dead. They wander out into the next chamber, and meet with Sparrow and George. George then heals their damage, and the team decides to kill everyone now that they have a little bit of surprise (They also didn’t want to leave Altaksus in this place, as who knew what would happen next). So, they ambush the high priest, kill him in a few seconds, and begin slaughtering the guards.

The battle went well, and Elenoora wasn’t even breaking a sweat, when an obvious captain of the guard charges out of a long hallway that the team had battled their way to, shouting to lackeys deeper in the complex to “Release the Minotaurs!” And, with that Elenoora slaughtered the captain.

The three minotaurs charged down the tunnel and started attacking the group. George misdirected one to attack other guards (As both he and Sparrow were dressed as Ebon Hand cultists), and the minotaur did so. Altaksus and another minotaur were attacking Elenoora, when Nimeliel cast a spell to disable one of the minotaurs. George then had to constantly heal Elenoora while both the barbarian and Sienna attacked Altaksus with nonlethal damage to knock him out. At the end, our team stood victorious, Altaksus was knocked out, and the minotaurs and the entire complex was put to the sword.

They then proceeded to loot the complex, taking all the valuables that they could find, including armor and weapons. They also found some youths that were in the process of being turned into monsters, tried to kill them, found them un-killable, then decided to try burning them alive. Before they doused the youths in fuel, they realized that this act would be rather cruel, and decided to leave them alive, and to inform the guards so that they could deal with it. These converted children would justify their actions to the captain of the guard, as well as be proof that the cult should be illegal. Our team also found a ledger of city officials that were being bribed, as well as other documented criminal activity. Most importantly, our team located a map that indicated other Chaos Cult headquarters within the Dungeons surrounding the spire (Which informed our team that the dungeon under the city of Ptolus extends much further than just directly beneath the city, it actually wraps 360 degrees around the spire!).

With that, our team took their reward from the Captain of the Guard at the Temple District, and returned home, spending much money on restoring Altaksus’ arm. Once he awoke from being knocked out, he seemed himself again, so, thankfully, there was no need to restore his mind.


this was my favorite adventure to date. you actualy got to see the offensive capabilities of george. at the end I still ended up being (as hannah so eloquently put) a “band aid” cleric, but that was to be expected fighting one of our own.

The Temple of the Ebon Hand

Yeah, I too am fond of this adventure. Although it has to be one of Altaksus’ lowest points. I think this is where we took a turn from mere iniciate adventurers to serious ones. Mostly, because the story of Ptolus begins to unravel for our heroes and it is clear that many secrets abound just beneath the surface.

The Temple of the Ebon Hand

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