Ptolus, the Company of the Horn

Earthday, 9th Moons, 722

During the tracking of Terrok Nal, Sparrow came across a neighborhood in Midtown near the Temple District with an abandoned house. The people living there told her (As an obvious adventurer, she was, after all, travelling with an Elvish Wizard and a Barbarian from the Cold Wastes) about a job to clear out the haunting, and that they would pay well, they had all put money into a pot to hire adventurers that would clear out the place. Sparrow agreed and told them that she would be back within the week to work the job.

Queensday, 18th Moons, 722

So, after the events of Terrok Nal, our team decided to take the case. They made sure George prepared himself for the undead they would face, and arrived early one morning. Sparrow checked for traps at the front door (While Nimeliel and Elenoora walked the circumference of the house to peek inside of windows) and then used her picks on the lock. During their walk around the house, they heard a small voice trying to make ghostly sounds; “Oooooo…” it moaned… Upon opening the front door and walking up the creaking planks, a ghostly shape flew at them from the back of the living room. Everyone noticed the clumsy effect of a white cloth over a bat. They all laughed at the attempt, and heard small footfalls running into the back room.

At that time a swarm of red, four-winged bats with long proboscises flew at the group. Nimeliel identified them as stirges and the group ran outside to fight them tiny monsters. Altaksus ran out with several attached to his body, and the others had one or two attached. The team had an easy time of grabbing the monsters and crushing them. In all, only one stirge flew off, sated after gorging on Altaksus’ blood.

Re-entering the house, our team searched the first floor and found a cellar below a door under the floor in the back room. Climbing the stairs down, Elenoora dropped to the floor as small javelins were thrown at her. Altaksus jumped down as well, and between the two, the Goblins were slain quickly. There just isn’t much that goblins can do against an angry minotaur and a barbarian. The team heard a few goblins running across the stone floor, and went to investigate.
They found a secret door in the back of the cellar, next to a looted safe, and opened it. They crawled through (Altaksus barely squeezed through), and found a goblin sleeping area in this area of the Dungeon. They also heard distant running down the stone tunnel, deeper into the Dungeon. Altaksus wanted to charge down the tunnel after them, and after a bit of discussion, they followed the footprints down.

They came upon a passage splitting five ways. Two of those were collapsed tunnels, One went down into a badly smelling area, and one came upon a bricked in area of the dungeon with lettering above the doorway that read, “The Asylum of the Infirm and the Insane.” Flush with this discovery, our team let the goblins go and discussed their new find. They decided to keep it a secret, and made plans to return to explore the dungeon.

Our team then returned to the house, explored the second floor, and found the half-eaten remains of an elf with some exploring gear. Not finding anything else of value, our team claimed the reward for exorcising the house, and returned home.


We need to go back there! I know something of awesome proportions await us going down this path.

The Haunted House

I missed mentioning the goblin’s attempt at sounding like a ghost…

The Haunted House

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