Little Sparrow

17 Year Old Palastani Bard



Cyrene Aleyone

Hero Points:

Chaotic Neutral Bard Level 8 Character Level 8
Female Human Palastani

Birthday Harvest 31, Year 705
Age 17
Height 4 foot 9
Weight 101 pounds
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Black, Wavy
Homeland Ptolus
Languages Imperial, Dwarven, Elven


STRENGTH 13 ( +1)
DEXTERITY 20 ( +5)
WISDOM 14 ( +2)
CHARISMA 21 ( +5)


Miscellaneous Bonuses to Saves

FORTITUDE +4 (Base +2 Con Ability +2)
REFLEX +11 (Base +6 Dex Ability +5)
WILL +8 (Base +6 Wis Ability +2)

Bard 8d8


Total 89
Grace 50
Health 39 (CON 15 (1 + Con Modifier x HD) +24)
Massive Damage Threshold 40


Speed 30 feet
Initiative +5


AC Adjustments

AC 20 (Armor +5 Dexterity +5)

AC Flat Footed 15 (Armor +5)

AC Touch 15 (Dexterity +5)


BAB +6 / +1

Grapple: Hit: +7 Damage 1d4 +1 Critical x2 Notes: Bludgeoning Nonlethal (Hit: BAB +7 STR +1) (Damage: STR +1)


+1 Rapier Hit +12 / +7 Damage 1d6 +2 Critical 18 + x2 Notes: Piercing, Finessable (Hit: BAB +6 DEX +5 Enhancement +1) (Damage: STR +1 Enhancement +1)

Dagger Hit +11 / +6 Damage 1d4 +1 Critical 18 + x2 Notes: Piercing, Slashing, Concealed in Arm Sheath under sleeve DC 23 Search ( +5 circumstance bonus to search checks to find by patting) (Hit: BAB +6 DEX +5) (Damage: STR +1)

Masterwork Silver Dagger Hit +12 / +7 Damage 1d4 Critical 19 + x2 Notes: Piercing, Slashing, Worn on Hip (Hit: BAB +6 DEX +5 Enhancement +1) (Damage: STR +1 Silver -1)


Light Crossbow Hit +11 / +6 Damage 1d8 Critical 19 + x2 Range 30’ indoors Notes: Piercing (Hit: BAB +6 DEX +5) (Damage: None)


Appraise: +3 (INT +3)
Bluff: +20 (Ranks +11 CHA +5 Skill Focus: Bluff +4)
Clamber (Balance): +15 (Ranks +11 DEX +5 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Clamber (Climb): +11 (Ranks +11 STR +1 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Clamber (Jump): +11 (Ranks +11 STR +1 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Concentration: +2 (CON +2)
Craft: +3 (INT +3)
Decipher Script:
Diplomacy: +8 (CHA +5 Synergy: Bluff +3)
Disguise: +16 (Ranks +11 CHA +5)
Disguise: Act in Character +19 (Ranks +11 CHA +5 Synergy: Bluff +3)
Escape Artist: +4 (DEX +5 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Forgery: +4 (Ranks +1 INT +3)
Gather Information: +19 (Ranks +11 CHA +5 Synergy: Knowledge: Local +3)
Handle Animal:
Heal: +2 (WIS +1)
Intimidate: +8 (CHA +5 Synergy: Bluff +3)
Intimidate: With Cloak Ignited +9 (CHA +5 Synergy: Bluff +3 Flaming Cloak +1)
Knowledge: (Local) +14 (Ranks +11 INT +3)
Knowledge: (History) +18 (Ranks +11 INT +3 Skill Focus +4)
Perception (Listen): +13 (Ranks +11 WIS +2)
Perception (Search): +14 (Ranks +11 INT +3)
Perception (Spot): +13 (Ranks +11 WIS +2)
Perform: (Sing) +20 (Ranks +11 CHA +5 Skill Focus +5)
Perform: (Strings) +11 (CHA +5 Masterwork Guitar +2 Skill Focus +4)
Profession: +1 (WIS +1)
Ride: +5 (DEX +5)
Sense Motive: +13 (Ranks +11 WIS +2)
Sneak (Hide): +15 (Ranks +11 DEX +5 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Sneak (Move Silently): +15 (Ranks +11 DEX +5 Armor Check Penalty -1)
Survival: +3 (WIS +3)
Survival: Tracking by Sight: +6 (WIS +3 Synergy: Spot +3)
Swim: -1 (STR +1 Double Armor Check Penalty -2)
Thievery (Disable Device): +14 (Ranks +11 INT +3)
Thievery (Open Lock): +16 (Ranks +11 DEX +5)
Thievery (Sleight of Hand): +18 (Ranks +11 DEX +5 Armor Check Penalty -1 Synergy: Bluff +3)
Use Magical Device:
Use Rope: +5 (DEX +5)


Weapon Finesse Human Bonus 1
Urban Tracking Human Bonus 2
Crescendo Strong 1 (Perform Check to increase Dice Rolled (e.g. Damage Dice or Healing Dice) in a Spellsong)
Skill Focus: Perform and Knowledge: History Weak 1
Subliminal Spellcasting Strong 3
Vocal Mimic Weak 3
Vivify Song Strong 6 (Perform Check to increase DCs of a Spellsong)
Skill Focus: Bluff Weak 6


Bardic Knowledge (Ex) +14 (Bard Level +8 INT +3 Synergy: Knowledge: Local Synergy +3) to check and see if the bard knows anything about a notable person, noteworthy place, or legendary item.

Cast Bard Songs in Armor (Ex) As long as the total armor check penalty is -3 or less. Otherwise failure as normal.

Combine Notes (Sp) The Bard can spend five notes to combine them into one chord.

Multiple Bard Casting (Sp) Bards can each contribute spellsongs to empower an effect. See page seven of the Complete Book of Eldritch Might for Details.

Weave Notes (Sp) Spend two notes to cast one note with one of the following benefits: 1. A 50 percent increase in duration and range 2. A +2 bonus to saving throw Difficulty Class 3. A 50 percent increase in damage


Sparrow can cast 13 notes. Her notes have a DC of 15 to save against.

Notes Known
Sonic Dart pg. 88
Inspire Courage pg. 86
Misdirected Sound pg. 87
Countersong pg. 85
Momentary Disappearance pg. 87
True Language pg. 89

Sparrow can cast 4 chords. Her chords have a DC of 17 to save against.

Chords Known
Fumble Field pg. 91
Recall Tale pg. 92
Disrupt Thoughts pg. 90


Little Sparrow grew up in the city. Amid the dirty cobbled streets, the slick oily scent of the guild’s District, the seemingly everlasting morning fog, and the stark contrast between the nobles in their protective haven and everyone else- unworthy of perpetual protection. She grew up hearing the stories and legends of ancient times, as well as the personal stories of the everyday folk and their day-to-day struggles; true tragedies of man occurring everyday, as if Jode were putting on a dark comedic production for everyone to enjoy, yet no one does, since they’re the characters in the play.

She couldn’t escape the song of Ptolus, the grimy, desperate ballad sung by all its inhabitants. A chord so moving, it seems to pull their fate-lines into a staff for its songbook.

Sparrow got her stage-name from her father. She remained as small in frame, as she was as a child, and most don’t expect the potency of her song. Her Father, ever the poet, decided it was a fitting pseudonym for his daughter, her size contrasted with her voice and presence, in what he often called the beautiful discordances of life. her Mother However, insisted that Sparrow’s life should be spent performing in the theater, just as she had, and made many an attempt to see to it. However in Ptolus, nothing ever goes according to plan. Jode saw it fit that Sparrow, not fulfill her mother’s wishes. It was a family controversy when Sparrow was chosen by the Temple of Jode to study at the Bardic University, despite her family’s lack of funds, and questionable social affiliations.

Sparrow’s family on both sides, have been devoted to the arts for several generations. As many families whose lives revolve around the arts, their lives mimic what they emulate upon the stage as well as song; Tragedy, drama, and ironic comedy all themes with which Sparrow is well acquainted.

her father a well regarded poet, fell prey to the daemon of Shivel, and was consequently killed by the Balikazars. To sparrow it was the hardest blow, since she truly, believed her dad to be a genius poet, and her biggest supporter. When her father was killed, Sparrow’s mother disappeared. Thus, guardianship was awarded to next of kin which was her dad’s sister.

Aunt Opalthie Aleyone, Mistress of the Wayward Theater House became her reluctant, yet forthcoming tutor in the ways of the streets, stage, and life, as she learned about the city’s mysteries through song at the university. Her mother’s dissapearence has weighed heavily on sparrow mind. It seemed to her that no one was looking, nor truly cared to find her. She was forbidden to actively look for her, and was told in no uncertain terms by Aunt Ophalthie, “if you find her, you’ll be doing yourself and her more harm than not”

When she at last attained her high title of Bard, Sparrow realized that those whom she loved were gone, and that as foolish at it may have seemed years ago, her future was leading her to explore the mysteries of the city that had taken so much from its inhabitants, beyond the someone else’s account -she needed to find, first hand, what had yet to be written or sung about.

Sparrow went on a personal quest to find, certain individuals that she could trust. She found someone who seemed as lost as she, and together through many drinks decided to throw caution to the wind and create a company of adventurers. that evening they met a Incanbulum Minotaur who agreed to join them, and created an aliance. That night Sparrow odd yet satisfying dream, where she was suspended in the air as if floating amidst the inky darkness, listening to the purest melodiy played from a disembodied source, bending her mind to see thing she did not comprehend; a vission with no context, but compelling and perfect in every sense.

When Sparrow awoke, she was convinced her campaign to unravel of deeply guarded secrets, may indeed come to pass.

Little Sparrow

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